Pre-Season Ski Workouts

Pre-season workouts


As a confessed ski and beach bum when not working (ok sometimes I sneak off to ski at lunch during a workday), I can say with confidence that the preseason workout for the summer season is the easier of the two. I usually practice by sitting down doing nothing so that I will be in shape to do the same in a beach chair under an umbrella in Newport or Nantucket or in my driveway for that matter. On the other hand, early season thigh burns and rehab from a broken leg have taught me the benefit of a pre-ski season workout. And while I’m far from an expert skier, I am usually in better shape in the early part of the season then many who are much more talented. Here are a few suggestions that I’ve found helpful:


Squat/Box Jumps:

Start with your feet shoulder width apart. Squat down such that your thighs are parallel to the floor. Jump as high as you can in the air. Try to land softly on your feet. This can also be done using a box-just don’t have too tall a box to high or you might end up falling off it on your ass.( 3 or 4 sets of four jumps)

Lateral Band-Walking:

Keeping the band flat place it just above each ankle and wrapped around both legs. With your feet shoulder-width apart, make the band taut, but not stretched too far. Get in half-squat position. Shift your weight over one leg and take a sideways step with the other leg. Keep hips level and try not to sway side to side. Slowly shift your weight to the moved leg and bring the inward leg to a new ready position while maintaining the tautness of the band. Continue for 8-10 sidesteps and then return to the start position. Are your hips /upper thighs burning? Good.


Keeping your back flat against the wall, make sure your quads are parallel to the floor and your knees are at a 90 degree angle. Fold your arms across your chest. Start with doing it 3 times for one minute and work up to 3 times for 3 minutes. If at work, avoid being seen doing this because it can look weird.


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